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Editing 5K raw footage

Fadi Yabroudi

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I've recently shot a short film on a red epic in 5K raw.

I've been told that .RED footage can be directly imported into adobe premiere,

but that it would require a powerful system to edit.


Is it necessary to have a good system to edit the footage ?

And if that is, would I have to transcode the footage into a lower format (such as prores)

to be able to edit ?


Thank you for your time.

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How good is good??

What kind of footage are you going to work with? 6K, 5K, 4.5K, 4K, 3K, 2K etc.

Are you shooting anamorphic or not?

These things will all affect how well you are able to edit.


The more recent versions of Premiere can now edit .r3d's natively so there is no need to transcode to ProRes but obviously the computer needs to keep up. These days having a decent CUDA graphics card to accelerate things can make a huge difference. Plenty of ram helps too. On "Gone Girl" by David Fincher, the lowest spec machine they used was a 2011 Mac Pro with 32GB and an NVIDIA Quadro 5000 if that helps but your question is devoid of context so you are kind of asking "How long is a piece of string?"...



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I personally would transcode because there isn't a 5k standard presentation system on the market today. Editing in 2k 12 bit 4:4:4 will be easier for the software AND most importantly, perfect quality for any delivery format as most digital presentation systems are 2k OR LESS. Then, if someday in the future you wish to go back and finish in 4k, it will be an easy process.

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