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OConnor Introduces New 2560 Ultimate Fluid Head

Sue Smith

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Venerable Brand Unveils Lightweight Support Crafted Specifically for Digital Cinema Cameras

BURBANK, Calif. (May 27, 2015) - OConnor, a Vitec Group brand and premier provider of fluid heads, tripods and camera accessories for film and television production, has announced the release of its new 2560 Ultimate Fluid Head. The latest addition to the company's successful Ultimate range of fluid heads, the 2560 is ideally suited to the configurations of today's camera set ups. Specifically engineered to support fully accessorized smaller cameras in studio configuration, the lightweight fluid head has the flexibility to be used with many of the film cameras and large-sensor digital offerings available currently available or releasing soon.

Crafted for "cine-style" shooting, the new head design delivers cinema standard positioning of controls, including brakes and rosettes, for easy and intuitive use. The 2560 fluid head also includes OConnor's patented sinusoidal counterbalance system for true, accurate balance at any point in the tilt range. In combination with the company's stepless, ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag, the 2560 delivers the control and stability that have been characteristic of OConnor for over 60 years.

"Whatever camera configuration our users need to support, whether digital or film, the Ultimate 2560 will accommodate them without compromising on performance," said Steven Turner, Product Manager for OConnor. "Offering many of the same features as our flagship 2575D head, the 2560 provides the quality and reliability synonymous with OConnor in a lighter weight, smaller form factor. Whether you're looking to support an increasing number of accessories, gain more flexibility and mobility in the field, or future-proof your camera support system, the 2560 delivers a perfectly balanced solution for digital cinema shooters."

The Ultimate 2560 fluid head is housed in lightweight magnesium, ensuring a best-in-class performance and a superlative power to weight ratio. Weighing less than 18 pounds, the 2560 is capable of supporting camera payloads up to 66 pounds at a 6-inch center of gravity above the platform. In addition, each head comes with a carbon fiber cover for improved stiffness and maximum durability in extreme conditions.

"The new 2560 offers the same solid feeling and form factor I'm used to from OConnor, but in a much lighter weight package," says David Mahlmann, SOC, who recently used the 2560 on an indie film shoot. "This makes for faster and easier setups for the camera and grip departments, allowing us to take full advantage of today's lighter weight cameras."

As camera technology continues to evolve rapidly, OConnor's newest fluid head is one of several products the company is introducing to meet the shifting needs of cinematographers and operators. "All of OConnor's products are engineered to meet the demands of today's challenging camera work, and now, more than ever, flexibility means everything," added Turner. "The Ultimate 2560, with its high latitude of range and infinite, accurate balance and drag, is the very definition of versatile."

The Ultimate 2560 Fluid Head will be available worldwide in June. The suggested list price will be $13,750. For more information, visit OConnor at www.ocon.com.

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