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Lighting a party scene in slow motion.

Ruslan Bekshenov

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Hi guys, i'm going to shoot music video, the big part of it is in House, my camera settings should be 800asa 2.0 f 120 fps with 1/240 shutter speed and 800asa 4.0 f 24 fps with 1/48 shutter, it will be handheld. My question is: Can i pre light it for both settings, so i can just change settings of the camera in the middle of shooting from 120fps to 24fps and back? Flickering for me is fine but not so much.


This is the reference for flickr and lighting




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You can light for the 240 fps version, but that's about a 2 1/3-stop light loss over 24 fps, so your 24 fps version would be about a 1/3-stop brighter if you just close down from f/2.0 to f/4 to compensate. You could just live with that, or you could shave a little exposure off of the 24 fps version by closing down to f/4 and 1/3.

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If you are shooting in 60 Hz power, you should be fine at 120 fps in terms of AC light sources and flicker. That video had a strobing lamp in the bar, so that wasn't flicker due to the camera. The LED Christmas Tree lights had a little flicker, which is always a problem with those.

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Thanks David, i got you, we have here 50 Hz power, so it means i should shoot with 100 fps and 1/200 for example and i will no have a flickr, can you recommend what kind of lights to use, do i need to go just with practicals or it's better light it with china balls, kino flos, do i need a 5k and 2k's with me? We gonna shoot fast and a lot, so it means less time for lighting, but we will have day to pre light everything.

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