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Sony F65 Camera Package with Media. Please see the list below. Serious inquires only. If you know about the camera, but you are not totally familiar with all of the items below please email me.


Sony F65 Body 1

F65 EVF and EVF Mounting Plate 1

Sony Riser Plate 1

Shoulder Pad 1


Sony F65 R4 Recorder 1

AB Battery Plate 1

V-Mount Shoe 1

Control Panel 1

2x 9pL to 9pL Cable 1

Accessory Bracket 1


Solid Camera 1/20 and 3/8” Side Mounted Cheese Plate 1

V-lock Connectors 2

4 2-pin, 4 3-pin accessory breakout box for 24V and 12V Power 1

(3-pin Fisher 24volt – 2-pin Lemo 12 Volt Connectors)


Arri BP-9 1

Arri 12-Inch Dovetail 1


512 High Speed SR Memory Card (Black) 3

256 High Speed SR Memory Card (Black) 1


AC Adapter/ Power Cable 1

Frezzi Universal Juice Box 1

2x 10' 8pL(m) to 8pL(f) Power Cable 1

Anton Bauer Hytron 140w Battery 4

Anton Bauer Quad Charger 1


Sony PC4 Downloading Station with 10GigE Option 1

AC Adapter/ Power Cable 1

Sony SRD-1 1


**All Equipment is provided with hard cases or Pelicans


System Hours:

697 Continuous

145 Periodic


Please see images of the camera package with the link below:





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