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Looking to Sell Canon Scoopic w/ Case/Filters

Gabe Agoado

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I'm looking to sell my Canon Scoopic. I bought it several years ago and anticipated using it, but I never did, my K-3 always took precedence due to the ability to use different lenses. I'd like to send it to a good home where someone would like to use it for shooting. The Inside of the camera is clean, the lens and viewfinder are clean, but the exterior and leather grip have wear from lots of use. The previous owner must have loved this thing and taken it everywhere, the case has got a bunch of travel stickers on it and the metal is tarnished. The battery boxes are clean but will need to be re-celled. It's easy to re-cell yourself and you can get new cells from Du-All.


Also Comes with:

Lens Hood

An extra takeup reel with metal can.

The Canon Scoopic SF Tiffen High Trans #85 Filter

Tiffen Professional SF #85 Filter

Wratten N.D. Filter #96 "1.0" (Gelatin)


The 13-76 Lens and Filters have good glass.

I'm not going to charge a ridiculous price because I know there are better scoopic models out there, and I know that the camera mechanisms could use a good CLA. If you're interested please respond to this post, I can provide plenty of pictures and we can discuss a price.

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