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what commission does a btl agent take for episodic tv?

s martins

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What does an agent typically collect commission on for a dp on a television series? Specifically, do they take 10% for meal penalties, straight and overtime travel time, holiday pay, per diem, kit rental? I know they take for the actual salaryand the overtime, but these other items on the paystub, I want to make sure. I'm new to having an agent and don't want to be taken advantage of. I did some research and found what agent commissions for SAG/AFTRA, but this is different.

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Agents get 10% of gross salary. As far as I know, salary includes kit rental since your agent may have negotiated a kit rental to compensate for a lower salary offering, so it's all salary more or less, just split up differently. Travel pay, holiday pay, overtime is all salary as far as I am concerned. I just give my agent 10%.


Per diem is different, that's cash for expenses while on location, it's not salary.


It's not a good start to a relationship with your agent that you are already afraid of being taken advantage of by them -- don't you trust them to tell you what's part of your deal with them? Just ask them.

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