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What is this project?

http://www.jambic.comis a project of mine to share my music under creative commons licence. This music is free to use for your own projects if you respect the terms of this licence.



Not everyone is able to buy expensive original music or royalty free music licenses. Filmmakers and videographers all the time are looking for free music, but most of that music is in low quality. I believe that young video artists such as videography students should get a chance to express themselves using free music.


Who am I?

I am professional composer who decided to give away some of my compositions to be used as a free music for youtube or other projects. All music you will find on this website is high production quality and I also provide audio files with mp3 320kbps, which is the highest quality of mp3 file.


Where can you use this music?

This music is free for youtube videos, presentations, movies, instructional videos and so on… You can use it pretty much everywhere, but please keep in mind some of the terms.


What are those terms?

* You must give a credit (link) to http://www.jambic.com or http://www.jambic.com/creative-commons-music/ You can also use anchor text “Jambic”

* You can’t make money with this music. This license is non-commercial. This means that reselling this music and other products that are using this music is not allowed.

* You can’t play some instruments or sing on top of these tracks and distribute that as your own music. On other hand, you can use this music for your youtube videos and talk / comment on top of it. This is allowed.


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