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Best Professional Advice Recap

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Hi,This is my recap about American Cinematographer's question What’s The Best Professional Advice you’ve received? from ASC CLOSE UP start with issue Vol 85 (2004)

Enjoy , to be continued...



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So till now(2010).. one of most important advice seem be Never Be Late ( and yes is an attitude widely useful)


and I really liked some others like:


"Never give up. Always keep a positive attitude. Attention to detail"(Richard P.Crudo ASC)


"When director Gil Cates chose me to shoot a love story starring Bea Arthur and Richard Kiley, he said he liked what i’d done on The Fly.I reminded him that Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davies were in a horror film, not a love story.He said,’No,they were in love, and that’s what the audience saw. Sometimes you have to ignore the words and let the pictures tell the story."(Mark Irwin, ASC, CSC)



"I think it was Sven Nykvist, ASC who once said, ‘Take chances, but when you do, lower the ASA settings on your light meter.’ To this day, no matter how great the latitude of the film stock is, I always calibrate my meter to a lower settings than what the manufacturer recommends."(Alexander Gruszynsky, ASC)


"Michael Chapman, ASC said ‘You have to give the impression you know what you’re doing even when you’re totally confused."(Paul Ryan, ASC)

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