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ARRICAM Lite 35mm Camera Package Auction


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Up for auction Now.



Package Includes:

  • Arri Metal Flight Cases
  • ARRICAM Lite 35mm Camera Body
  • PL Mount
  • Filter Mask 18,7 x 24,9
  • Camera Aperture Cover
  • Gate 1.33 full aperture ANSI
  • Ground Glass Format 1.85.1
  • RS Block 24v
  • RS Block 12v
  • LT Camera Handle
  • LT Center Handle
  • Magazine Port Cover
  • LT Viewfinder Top
  • Finder Block
  • Short Eyepiece + Rubber Eyecup
  • Extension Eyepiece LT
  • Frame Glow
  • Frame Glow Mask Format 1.85 LT S35
  • LT IVS Color Video Tap
  • Case Containing (3):
  • 400' LT Shoulder Magazine
  • 400' LT Shoulder Magazine
  • 400' LT Shoulder Magazine


Package Details:

This camera package is from the inventory of ARRI Film & TV Services Munich which has been its sole owner. The entire package is in impeccable condition and has been maintained by professionals in Germany for its entire lifetime. The camera performs at factory specifications and is free of any mechanical defects. There are very few ARRICAMs left in such good condition.

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