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Short film idea HELP

Carole Dana

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Hello everyone,

I am a fine arts student living in Paris, France and I am about to embark on my second short film journey. I need your help to solidify my idea, to get that punch line that shapes the film so that the rest may unravel. The theme of the movie is TRACES.

I've chosen to select a few phobias that are related to the subject, which could make for an interesting plot. Here is what i got:

- Ablutophobia (fear of washing or bathing)

- Athazagoraphobia (fear of forgetting or being forgotten)

- Haphephobia (fear of being touched)

- Rhytophobia (fear of getting wrinkles)

- Philemophobia (fear of kissing)

I would love to hear what you guys think about this.

The film cannot be more than 15 minutes. So just choose one and share your plot ideas! Or if you would want to share on more than one thats great too. If you know any other interesting phobias which you think might be relevant please share too.

Thank you so much!

Carole Dana

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