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Thanks Tim,


I'll try to get the whole clip up on the site soon. Basically there were only three lights. A 650w with double CTO going through a frame of 216, and a 300w with double CTO put through some dingle on the sheet in the background. The keylight was flagged off the singers' face to give him some light and dark to move in. The wind (it was shot exterior) was blowing the BG sheet around, creating some shifting patterns ( a happy accident....)

The rain was a garden hose backlit with a 300w. The beam was directed at the water, with only the edge of the beam catching the singer. I like using the edges of light beams in situations like this, they seem to have a different quality.


The director and I watched Apocalypse Now (the scene in the temple with Brando and Sheen) as a reference for this look. Hopefully, it's somewhere close.



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Guest fstop

Wow! For what it's worth, I thought it looked a million dollars! :) your 650 through a frame of 216 looks more like you've been borrowing Storaro's Jumbos! GREAT work- you've given me great ideas for the future!

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