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Had queried about use of spherical as well as anamorphic lenses for a diploma film project in a different forum.


Now I have decided to shoot the film in both the formats - flat as well as scope.


If I shoot 1.33 spherically and 2.35 on anamorphic, then the negative will be scanned to 2048 x 1536 (10bit dpx) in both cases, if i am using the universal gate on Arri 535B (4perf).

Now how will the project be finished to final 2K DCP post grade if the film contains both the flat as well the scope material.

Also due to Kowa Prominars not being in perfect condition, we might be sourcing Hawk C Series lenses from the rental. Can the members reflect on the look and image qualities regarding the same lenses. Will be shooting the spherical portion on Zeiss High Speed Lenses.


Thank You



Shashank Walia

Class of 2011

Film and Television Institute of India

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If you're saying that one project will have 1.33 and 2.40 material in it, you have to pick one format for both and use black borders to achieve the change in aspect ratio (and warn the theater about this.)


You could, for example, make a 2.40 DCP and have the 1.33 material side matted to fit 1.33 inside 2.40.


Or you could make a 1.85 DCP and have the 1.33 material side matted and the 2.40 material letterboxed, sort of split the difference in image size on the screen so that the 1.33 image uses maximum height and the 2.40 material uses maximum width. With a lot of modern cineplex screens now being 1.85 in shape instead of 2.40, this may be the best compromise.

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DCI 2k resolution is 2048x1080 at full container 1.91

1998x1080 at flat 1.85

2048x858 at scope 2.39


I think there are two options and both options need sacrifice of pixels.. (downsize)


2048x858 scope with pillar box for flat shot.

1998x1080 flat with letter box for scope shot.


I think 1998x1080 flat is better for resolution

if theater screen is 1.85 with top,bottom mask not naturally 2.39 screen

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