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Video competitions

Bradley Shaw

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Hi everyone!


So i recently won a video competition and i have entered another one and have been shortlisted. Unfortunately this one is based on popular vote (so if you have a spare 2 mins you can vote for me here http://videocontest.brosway.com/en/content/like/add/call/92269/1555?em= ) Though competition money can be very good, do you think they are worth entering or do you think really work will always prevail over online video contests?

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Competitions are good, esp since many professionals will view your work, never a bad sign, esp if your work is good.....

I was a judge/panelist at a very small film fest in August of this year, so much fun to watch the work of amateurs to experienced pros.

Never hurts to put your work out there, you never know who will see it and want to get in touch with you.

I made a documentary short, have already won Best Cinematography from a film fest in Arizona, plus am Semi-Finalist at LA CineFest, plus Officially Selected at LA Shorts, plus another in Delaware. Great to put on a resume, so what the hell, right ????

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