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Gamma Ray Digital - a great choice.


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Just wanted to take a moment to talk about a recent experience with Gamma Ray Digital.


After a less-than-ideal experience with another east coast business, I talked to Perry at GRD about scanning for a short I was shooting. He was polite and answered all of my questions clearly and quickly. their pricing was cheaper than every option I found in LA, and it was simple to budget for the scan since their scanning is done by the foot, NOT by the hour.


I shot about 3900' of 5-8 year old 35mm color neg for this short. It was all processed and prepped for transfer by Fotokem in LA, and I overnighted the negative and a drive to Perry as soon as it was picked up.


4 days later the drive was on my doorstep with some great 2k DPX scans of all of the film. He ground shipped the negative back to me, and it arrived unharmed and well packed.


That's all!



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I'll second this praise. Perry does excellent work.


As a fellow scanstation 5k owner, he is the first guy I would refer filmmakers to go to when looking for a scan in the US.


We know he takes the same approach to quality control and is just as particular as I am about maximizing the scanner to get the best out of it possible. We bounce ideas back and forth and am glad to have this relationship with him to keep both of us at the cutting edge of filmscanning today.


Justin Lovell

Assoc CSC Cinematographer



8/16/35 >5k

Toronto, Canada

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