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Traditional labs in the NW U.S.?

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It's been a long time since I've been involved in an all photo-chemical project. I may be doing a short film this summer and wanted to know if there were any decent labs that can still do 16mm contact prints with audio. To give you an idea how long its been, I was using Alpha Cine most recently and Forde before that. A digital "work print" might be nice but not a must. If I can do everything with the same lab, so much the better. I should probably mention my short will be no longer than 10 minutes, most likely 5.


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Thanks for the pointers guys.

Question; my camera was modded for S16. Does that make it impossible for me to have an optical sound track on a contact print? I would expect them to have gates to prevent exposure into the soundtrack region but I've only shot silent movies on reversal and talkies on negative with DIs.

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It is not a problem to make a 16mm print with sound when the negative was shot on a Super-16 gate camera. The soundtrack area is masked in the printer gate and there is a seperate lamp for the soundtrack exposure on the print.


Obviously the resultant print will be Standard 16mm and cut off the Super-16mm part of the image.

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