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Red Epic Dragon and teradek

Stefano Stroppa

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Hello guys!

I’ll DP soon a new short film. Unluckly the Arri Mini I asked is already out on another production and we'll be shooting with the Epic Dragon and Cooke S4. Most of the film will be handheld and on movi.

I wanted to have some insights on a few doubts I have.

- apart from the red LCD, I asked a smallHD monitor + BNC cable for the 1st AC so he pulls the focus remote for the whole film. Is that a good way to go?

- now, for the director monitor, I’m thinking to use a Teradeck connection so I’ll have the director in a different room for there's no much space.

I have never used a teradeck. Can I use it on the Movi, connected to the Epic Dragon? what’s the signal that reaches the director monitor? full HD? (keeping in mind I’m shooting 4K RAW).

How’s the set up, do I plug via HDMI the Teradek to the Red? does my SDI output to the 1st AC monitor still work properly?

- one side question, I’m shooting in Europe (France). Does a 2.5K HMI already requires a generator?

thank you a lot for your inputs :)



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You'll want your AC on a wireless remote monitor also. The teradek can transmit and be received by multiple receivers (up to 3? 4?) so one for the AC is no problem.


I've never used RED cameras so I can't tell you how the connections go. But generally, you'll use the SDI out to connect to the teradek, then whatever connection the directors monitor or AC remote monitor uses (SDI or HDMI) connect that way.

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Without some of the more specialized modules, Red cameras output HD. If your Teradek model supports HD, that's what you'll be sending to your director's monitor. AFAIK all of the current Teradek wireless systems support HD, unless there are some older models that I'm not familiar with that don't.


As Jay mentioned though, you'll have to give your AC a wireless feed also. The Movi won't like having a cable to the AC dangling off of its payload any more than a Steadicam would.

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Sounds like you really should be asking your 1st AC what he or she will need to do their job instead of us. ;)


The Teradek Bolt systems are often used with Movi and gimbals. They just require 12v power and an HD-SDI signal. Most have an SDI output as well as the wireless output. Since the Epic Dragon has only a single SDI output, you will have to loop through the Teradek for any extra SDI monitors. You can order Teradek systems that accept multiple receivers, so you could have one RX for the director's monitor and one RX for your AC. And then loop from the AC monitor to video village, for example.


The wireless signal range varies depending on which model you have - the model name (300, 600, 2000) is supposed to be the number of feet (Imperial measurement) that the system can transmit, but I have found that the actual working distance is usually less (with the original Bolt model, often significantly less).


Note that the 2000 transmitter is bigger than the 300/600 and has external antennae which could get in the way of a Movi rig. I would check with the rental house and your AC to make sure what they have will work with your setup.

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