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Bolex EBM on/off switch modification

Arthur Sanchez

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...OK, I'm working with Bolex EBM in a studio setting...the camera body will mount directly to the tripod or dolly.


I'm not using the handle grip that has the on/off button on it.


MY Question is:

Can I plug in my generic power supply (12.2VDC) directly into the camera? The on/off switch will be in-line on the cable going from the power supply to the camera?


This configuration will help me run the camera remotely. so what is wrong with the setup?


Thanks for your support...


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The grip only has a switch in it. You can buy that switch with the right connectors on it on ebay if you wait long enough. I was able to score one for my EBM.


The kit is a little tripod block that goes onto the camera shoe, it also has a remote battery holder and a locking trigger.

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