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post prod workflow for Festival and cinema release


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I've been reading around the internet and it seems like this is a question which's already been asked lots of time, and it's frustrating to see there's never a precise complete answer as for the perfect workflow to follow for a roundtrip Premiere-Davinci.

A. We shot in 3.2K with the Arri Mini, (so 3200x1800 1.77). Final release will be in 2K 2.39 scope DCP.

B. The proxy in Premiere are: 1280x720. The editor sent me the XML of 2048x1080 where he also added the the 2.39 letterbox.

In Davinci I'm setting up a 2048x858 timeline - scale full frame to crop. Is it correct? And I relink my original footage to it and do the grading.

When it comes to export, I export on the same 2048x858 scale full frame to crop and XML?

Back in Premiere for the final export, the editor connects the xml with the original file, on a timeline of 2048x1080, adds credits and such, and then export.

Is it a correct workflow?

Thank you!


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for dcp release I would not do the extra roundtrip back to Premiere but add the graphics directly in Resolve from psd or tiff files and also add the end credits which are previously rendered to tiff sequence or prores in other program like After Effects. then export directly to 16bit tiff for making dcdm package files and encode the dcp from that.

it is also a good way to maintain color accuracy if you try to stay within the same program as long as possible when processing the movie towards dcp after the grade

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