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Scanning DIY Processed S-8

Byron Karl

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I've hand processed some super-8 Tri-X using D76, so that it results in being a negative image. And now I need to scan 1-2 rolls of this, but I'm having trouble locating a place.


I can't use sprocket-less systems like a ScanStation or RetroScan, because the negative density is so variable and those systems lock onto the sprockets to line up the images properly. My image ends up shaking and jumping around too much on those systems. The irregular developing really messes up those transfers.


However, all the places that use older (sprocket) style methods of capture, charge an astronomical minimum fee. Is there anywhere I can send 1-2 rolls of cross-processed S-8 tri-x and have them transfer it frame-by-frame for less than $100 bucks???

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Interesting problem... I cannot even personally think of a pin registered scanner that scans super 8. I'm sure there must be/have been one, but I have no idea where that would be. If you find out, please post here as I'd be very interested to know.


The only place I can think that might have that is Color Lob (formerly Video Film Solutions) in Maryland.




They had a home built, pin registered, wet gate Super 8 system. However, I believe scans were quite expensive.



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Hi Byron,


We haven't had issues with DIY processed film in our scanstation, even film that's got a lot of variable density. When the film is really thin, and it's hard to identify the perfs from clear acetate, there are a few tricks we can try to get it through the machine.


Have you tried scanning it on a ScanStation yet? If not, we'd be happy to give it a try.



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Indeed home processed/cross processed B&W is a mess to scan on the Retro. For the reason you mention about the film perf edge having so much varying inconsistency, it's very very difficult to dial in the perf sensors. Not to mention the initial invert of the image on the scanner comes out with heavy orange/red hues and still needs to be changed to a B&W in post and reprocessed. Maybe the Scan Station will have better luck? Although Tri X is a pretty thin emulsion.

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Doesn't the Müller scanner use a laser to register the perfs? That should still work, right?


On the other end, I've converted a projector into a scanner, which has it's own issues, but processing density certainly isnt one of them. I've got a bunch of super 8 stuff I scanned on youtube and all of it was hand-processed as negative.

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