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RED Workflow

Nicholas Lorini

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This is my first time editing a project shot on RED. I'm looking to get some insight on the workflow associated. I know there's a transcoding and debayering process that I do not completely understand, do I even need to do it? Should I apply any grades in Cine-X Pro or change any of the gamma curve or colorspace settings or just wait until I'm finished cutting and send it to DaVinci? Can I use my usual Premiere workflow for AVCHD files as far as cutting and syncing sound?


We shot on RED Dragon at 5k

Red gamma3

Red color4





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To my memory you're able to just throw the raw R3D files into Davinci and it should grade fine. I actually recall with the RED One's footage, if put into Cine-X and the saturation was boosted, the blue channel would glitch out of control. Since then I was sort of finished with Cine-X.

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Hmm, I wasn't planning to make any grading changes in cine-x but I did just sync an entire folder of clips with its corresponding audio. Now I'm exporting those syncs to ProRes.


You think it would be easier to just import the RAW .R3D files into Premiere, sync audio and take it all down to 1080 after coloring in the export?

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I admittedly probably have a horribly wasteful workflow.


For me; R3D files > Davinci/Cine-X grading > Export fully graded ProRes 422 > Live edit with that footage and sound sync in NLE


But that's what's been working for me.

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That's interesting. Grading is the last thing I do, though it does make more sense to grade on the file with the most information.


And I take it .R3D files won't hold audio syncs. I gotta say I kinda prefer Cine-X to Premiere for sound sync.

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