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Sachtler Combi Pedestal 1-40 + 30II Video Head Package $8,795

Helena Lin

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For sale Sachtler Pedestal with Head Combo


(1) Sachtler Combi Pedestal 1-40 (Mod 5199), Brand NEW w/ tag ($12,730 B&H)



(1) Sachtler 30II Video Head Flat Base, with plate and one handle (excellent condition)

Will also sell Pedestal or Head separated:

Sachtler Combi Pedestal 1-40 - $6,495
Sachtler 30II Video Head - $2,995


Sachtler Combi Ped 1-40 specs:

Lightweight and yet stable, the controllable Combi Ped 1-40 is ideal for traveling. Construction for EFP and OB is quick and without the use of tools. The pedestal can be simply broken down into its individual components for transportation. Soft and precise "on-air" runs are naturally.

Product Highlights:
EFP and OB Use
Crab Steering
Column Break
Tool Free Set-Up
5" Wheels


Sachtler Combi Ped 1-40 $12,730 B&H







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