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Nizo 4056 and cartidge notch

Julien Fallecker

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Hello everyone


I have recently owned a Nizo 4056 (so even series that 2056-3056-4080 ...)

I try once and for all to interpret results for different dandruff. I will expose them and if you could guide me ... Indeed I am a little lost (and French that translates everything)

The probe of the 6-pin camera reads in this order: 40, 40/64, 64/100, 100/160, 160/250, 250/400, 400/640.


I can also add photos ;-)

So here is what I found:


Kodak Tri-x: read 250 ASA tungsten position (thus underexposed by 1/3?)

Kodak 50D: read 64 ASA tungsten position (so under expose 1/3?)

Kodak 500t: 400 ASA tungsten (so on display? Do nothing?)

And for the Kodak 200T (vision 3) I'm less sure ... It is read 160 in tungsten so to change in daylight I do not know (correction of +1/3?)

Wittner Chrome (I modified the notch to make it read like 160 otherwise it is read 250 ASA)


So if you know this type of camera and have results with these dandruff or other I'm taker!


thank you in advance and sorry for my english

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