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Syncing 1RED and 2 A7SII


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Hi Guys,


Next week we are shooting a commercial with one Red Epic and two Sony Alphas 7S MKII. We have direct sound on set. Theres some way to sync the three cameras with the same TC? As well as matching all of them with the sound recorder?


I believe that using a Clappboard will do the main job, but syncing by TC will be definetely way faster for the editor.





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There's really not a reliable way to send TC into the AS7II; there's not a TC in port afterall.


If you're using external recorders with the AS7II's, then I recommend either the Odyssey 7Q or PIXE5.


If you're not using external recorders, then take a look at the Tentacle Sync. I've had a location sound mixer use on on a GH4, but I'm not sure exactly how it works beyond the surface level.


If all else, make sure to use a smart slate!

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