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Have you worked with Alpha 4K "space beam/space light" accessory?

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Hi everybody


I am preparing a shooting as a gaffer, on a non-stage interior and I am looking for the best way to light a 6x6m. (20x20') green screen and white screen. Here is the camera configuration:


Red epic dragon (maybe an Hellium sensor, depending on the production department)

25 fps


ISO 800

Zeiss CP2


The topic of the video is a free-fall simulator demonstration.


We are shooting at night for day, in an area from a shopping center measuring 14m. large x 7m. long x 14m. tall (46' large x 23' long x 46' tall). There are not structures to hang on the fixtures.

On the back there is a window as big as the wall (46x46'), against a steel structure where we are going to hang a 20x20' green screen.

We have, of course, a tight budget so we cannot afford a trilite structure (stage columns...), which is far more expensive as we thought (5K€).

On the other side, we can afford 2 articulated boom lifts, high and long enough to top light the green screen. I am thinking to hang the fixtures at 8m. (26')


We are using HMI fixtures to key and backlighting (3 Arrisun 2,5K), as well as 2 Skypanels S60C.


So... I am thinking about using 2 "K5600's Alpha 4k" with the "space beam/space light" configuration, the first at 2 meters (6,5') from the edge of the screen, and the second at 4 meters (13').

So I am wondering if:


1. Is it enough to evenly light the 20x20' green screen,

2. Will it have enough output to properly light it.


We are only doing a few shots on green screen. After that, we are going against white screen (same area). Do you think the same configuration will be enough to have a nice white background?


I hope my explanation is good enough.


I can upload a plan if you need.


Thanks for your feedback!


PS: I apologize for my english mistakes.

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