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CP-16R Drive Pulley

Bailey Trivett

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Hello all!


So Im fairly new to this forum so apologies if this topic has been covered someplace else but no matter how much I search it doesnt appear to come up. Anyhow, I have recently come to acquire a CP-16R that for the most part works well. However I did come across one issue with the drive pulley for the magazine; even when agitated it does not move at all. Is there by chance something that needs to be engage to make it move? And if this is unfortunately not the case what would be the proper way of going about repairing the camera? Im not a particularly handy person so unless its easy to do a service may be my best bet.


Thank you!

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If it's the pulley on the magazine, there's a good chance that it has seized due to corrosion or dried lubrication. From memory, these aren't complex, so you should be able to strip it, so that it can be cleaned.


Let me rephrase the question subbing out the pulley for the actual mechanism on the camera portion that turns the magazine via rubber pulley. From a search on YouTube there has been a series of videos I did find that explained a process on repairing the belt/clutch and I feel this may be the root of the problem (albeit I cannot repair this due to lack of tools).

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You can open up the five screws on the side with an Allen key or star bit that fits and if the teethed clutch belt is toast, buy one of these : https://m.ebay.com/itm/Clutch-Belt-Kit-for-Cinema

Excited enough to see anyone post about a CP-16, period.

This is what I’ve have come to believe. Was able to do what you said and Allen key the screws off the side where this would be an issue though the cover seems to be stuck on too tight. Don’t want to pull to hard in fear of snapping the DIN connector attached to the cover.


And apologies this is the only topic as of recent! I would like to contribute something involving some footage from the camera however this one is unfortunately in the hands of a person who isn’t much of a handy man/has only owned one other 16mm camera.

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I understand, I had the same trepidation. It was stuck a little on mine, too. You can wedge something like a flat head screwdriver along the top edge and Gently free it.

The plug is near the bottom and as long as you dont grab the whole door and yank it like crazy, youll be fine.

Have you seen this 3 part YouTube video about this?

Very helpful if you havent: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c-bP0NwX9-E

Just follow what he says carefully and you can probably safely fix it if its a belt.

I could probably use a spare belts kit from Whitehouse AV myself too but I dont feel like shelling out $107 for some pieces of teethed rubber, guess Id sooner buy someones broken or bricked CP-16 instead.

Anyone has a broken CP-16 collecting dust, let me know! ? Cheers, PG

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You could probably get away with a non-toothed belt or suitably sized neoprene seal ring in place of the toothed belt but the footage counter would no longer register accurately and have varying and significant errors. Depending on how tightly the take-up clutch is adjusted or how much slippage the external o-ring magazine drive belt yields, there would be slippage on the internal belt which very likely would vary as the magazine drive loaded up with more film on the take-up core. A bricked or broken camera is highly likely to have a belt with missing teeth.

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