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Nizo 801 service manual

Jacek Zagaja

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The drive motor rarely goes bad on these cameras. Have you tried to run a power supply directly to the motor alone and test that? Usually the issue has to do with power leaving the variable speed control module. So, first off I would recommend using a voltage meter and testing the current flow to and from that module. If nothing comes out, then that's the issue. Usually it's mild surface corrosion causing electrical resistance. Some spray contract cleaner for electronics might cure that. Sometimes when the speed control fails, the camera will often default to the top run speed of 54fps. IF it truly is the motor, you can use one from most any similar model, since they differ mostly by the lens setup...so finding another one which has other damage but the motor runs. Anyhow, check all that out first, you might be fortunate and still have a running camera. If the speed control module is bad, another can be used. As for new parts, there might be some available from Germany, but even so those are very old now as well. It's the capacitor that deteriorates, same as on speed control units for Super 8 projectors. If you know how to test those, do so, and get a replacment from an electronics parts house online.

Good luck!



There is a schematic booklet on eBay for these cameras right now. Here's the link:


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Motor and meter was working with linear power supply connected. I did LM317 for the meter and when assembled grip and connected 6x1,5V high current passed through and I could smell bad odour. Now only solenoid works. Do you know which wires for main motor?

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