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Hi everyone,

Upon reading my question most of you will probably be like: "...why?", but hear me out.


I'm looking for options to mount a recorder/shotgun-mic combo on a Krasnogorsk 3 camera.


For my own experimental documentary work I want to use my K3. I've used it a few times now. Hand-processed the film and am mostly satisfied with the results. I'm interested in using non-sync sound with the images. (Playing a lot with the sounddesign in the edit). For this purpose, the images are digitized. I finish most of my projects in digital.

I like the K3 for its simplicity and small size.


In terms of sound, I'm interested in the things that occur around the image, where the frame ends so to speak. Also - the things heard right before and after a scene.


I'll be recording on my own and that's why I need a quick and easy to use setup. Having to put the camera down to handle a recorder-mic combo like a Zoom H6 would be to slow and I think I'd quickly run into situations where I would have no place to put the camera for the time being.


Right now, I'm thinking of creating some sort of cage to mount a small recorder-mic unit like the Zoom F1 on top of the camera. Ideally, I'd be able to mount a rosette grip somewhere as well. The K3's is not making it easy on me though. I need to be able to access both sides in order to wind the camera and change the film, and I need to be able to access the back for the viewfinder.


So, there it is! If any of you can think of some DIY solutions to this problem please do share! Or if you know of some very modular cages that might be suited, that would be great as well!



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I suspect you';ll find that the camera noise will make for a poor quality recording. It would be better to keep the mic well away from the camera.


Hi Brian, thanks for thinking with me here. I'm aware of the noise of the camera and it not being suited to record sync-sound with for common purposes.

I still want to mount a mic on it though, because I need one to be accessible just before, during and right after filming.


Right now I'm thinking of gluing a cold-shoe mount on top of the camera. But I'd rather build a nice rig with a cheese plate, handle etc.

So if anyone has any suggestions..!

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something like a stereo microphone bar could also work :)

and it has the needed 3/8" screws already installed


Thx aapo! Great suggestion..!


Don't forget the staple tools of every film maker... Duct tape, plastic ties, and heaps loads of Velcro...

Velcro...how could I forget! Thanks guys, it'll probably become some sort of monster using several of these combined..! I'll post a pic of my set-up when it's in use.

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Hi Mark, something like that might do the trick! Hadn't thought of those, might be simple yet effective. Might be in the way of the filmdoor or wind-up crank though.

Just swing it out of the way. The extra hand-hold might be useful as well.

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