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Tvlogic 056 and 058.

Berry Spinx

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Had a couple question about these guys. I'm looking to buy them used. Are there different versions and if there are, are there ones to avoid? Should I experience problems if it's 3-5 years old?


Also, how is the 056 to pull compared to a smallhd 702 bright? Have the opportunity to trade the 702 bright plus cash for an 056.


056 would be for the AC to pull

058 would be for me (dp) so colour / exposure is critical to me. I know 058 can get close to colour accuracy from directors monitors I put them side by side. But wondering if age of a monitor will screw with this. Will I be able to tweak the colour settings to accomodate?

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I own a 058 that's roughly 4 years old and it looks and works as good as the day that I got it. Tvlogic's are built like tanks.


The 056 vs 702 for focus? I would say 702 wins. 056 is not a very bright monitor and is roughly 720p where as the 702 is daylight view able and 1080p. The 702's also have many handy features that you can assign to the pages and access quickly. The 056 has a single assignable user button located on the back which is sometimes annoying to try to find without looking.


If you want a small monitor for judging color and exposure, Tvlogic released a new 5" OLED that seems to be having a good reception, VFM-055A.


Of the 056/058 and 702, I would have to say the 058 is my favorite monitor. It's sharp, reliable, has nice colors that you can adjust if you need/like and can accept most any digital signal out there.


The 702 is a decent monitor but it cannot accept 3G signals and in my experience will render certain signals in very strange ways strobing/ghosting or other image artifacts.

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