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Super 8 - Quality differences

gregory weisert

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Any interesting tidbit I found out in the last few days:

I was looking at Nick's clips on YouTube, and for more info I right-clicked on one of his videos in YouTube and selected "Stats for nerds". From that I saw he rendered to 2034 x 1440p, and YouTube had assigned the VP9 codec to his clip(s). I had rendered to the exact same frame size and rate (24 fps), but YouTube was assigning the BT709 (?) codec to my clips AND I could not get a 1440p playback (only 1080p), even on my 90 MB Comcast pipeline at home.


More Googling and I found this tip:

1. Go to "Video Manager," find your video, click "Edit", click on the "Enhancements" tab, and drag the little preview slider all the way to the left. You don't touch anything else, just drag the slider to the left and click save changes. Your video should get VP9 soon. (source: https://www.vegascreativesoftware.info/us/forum/how-to-render-vp9-for-youtube--100282/)


I did this little tweak, and now my videos playback at 1440p, when before I could only get 1080p (even though they were rendered and uploaded at 1440p).


See for yourself in this updated version of my clip (i.e., see if you can get 1440p playback, I can at home, but at work I only get 1080p, probably due to a restricted internet download speed): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBc1CjCk0uE&feature=youtu.be

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