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FS: Freefly Movi Pro Package

Evan West

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Selling a Movi Pro package. Lightly used, includes the following (list prices)


  • 1x MōVI Pro Handheld Bundle for $6,500.00


  • 2x MōVI Pro Battery Charger for $59.95 each
  • 1x MōVI Pro Ground Case for $999.95
  • 2x Quick Release Plug 13mm for $24.95 each
  • 1x USB Type C to Type A Cable for $5.99
  • 1x USB Type C to Micro B Cable for $5.99
  • 1x MōVI Pro RED RCP Serial Cable for $199.95
  • 1x MōVI Pro RED EPIC Start/Stop Cable for $149.95
  • 1x RED EPIC D-Tap Power Cable for $299.00
  • 1x Power Cable for ALEXA Mini for $299.00
  • 1x Pop-N-Lock 25mm Quick Release for $99.95
  • 2x Pop-N-Lock 15mm Quick Release for $99.95 each
  • 1x MōVI Pro Classic Handle for $349.95
  • 1x MōVI Pro ARRI Start/Stop Cable for $214.95
  • 4x MōVI Pro Battery for $149.95 each

Total list value: $10,094.18 USD

Asking $7000 USD OBO

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