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​looking for recommendations for 4K editing & burning software

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I shot mostly film and little digital. I also shoot 3D. I use a Bolex 3D film camera and shoot 3D but I have also bought a Sony 3D digital camera to shoot 3D.
I work under Windows. The software I use now is Sony movie studio platinum 13 and Sony Vegas Pro 12. Pro 12 will let me import, edit and burn in 2K.
I and many of my friends have moved to the newer Ultra 4K Blu-ray players and I have a LG OLED Ultra 4K TV. I like the fact that I can stream You Tube videos in 4K.
I have been having my 16mm motion picture film scanned in at 4K or 5K. I would like the ability to edit and burn in 4K. By burn, I want 4K Ultra​ blu-ray authoring software. I do not mind if I need to buy one program to edit and export 4K content to another program to author a blu-ray. Or it can be the same program.
I am looking for suggestions. I am very pleased with Sony Vegas Pro 12 and do not know if a upgrade to that would be a good idea or maybe switch to other software.
I am looking for suggestions.
Help Appreciated.
Is this the correct form to post this question? Or many another place altograther to go to ask my question?
Thanks you,


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