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Just published my 100th interview feature for Filmmaker Magazine - most of them with cinematographers

Matt Mulcahey

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Like the title says, I've reached 100 entries in the interview column I write for Filmmaker Magazine, which seemed like a good time to share the link on here again. The last few months have featured talks with Matthew Libatique (A Star is Born), Sean Porter (Green Book), Joe Anderson (Old Man and the Gun), Linus Sandgren (First Man), and Michael Simmonds (Halloween).


In the new two weeks I'll have new interviews with Lukasz Zal (Cold War), Sean Bobbitt (Widows), Robbie Ryan (The Favourite), James Laxton (If Beale Street Could Talk), and Greg Gardiner (Elf).

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I've come round to the point that I wish more of my stuff was posted online rather than being print-only. Too many times print stories only wind up on sale in mag batches on eBay, and I'm kind of disappointed to realize now I don't have any access to past stories of mine where the mag never sent me a copy and/or they have since taken them off the website (which happened with my PROMETHEUS VFX piece and my Christopher Nolan/Wally Pfister interview for HD VIDEO PRO.) ICG only puts up cover stories now, but they used to always put up the EXPOSURE Q&As.

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When I pitch stories to PR folks, they seem to still place a higher premium on print content when deciding whether to grant an interview request, even though an online story would seemingly have a much longer shelf life. I have a digital only subscription to ASC Mag so when I do a story for them I at least know I'll get to download a PDF of the story. I get PDFs of ICG Magazine as well as a member of 600. So while I don't have physical copies of a lot of my print pieces, I do have PDFs of most of them. Might be something to ask for in the future - seems like I get a better follow-through ratio when asking for PDFs as opposed to getting an outlet to ship me a mag I have a story in.




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