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Video on Copyright / Fair Use

Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

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Long, but good video on copyright and fair use.



It came from another discussion on whether it was OK to show a laptop in an educational, non commercial movie showing snips of various websites and whether the view of those websites violated copyright infringement.


Are you underground?


Own no real estate?


No steady hi-powered job?


Just got the clothes on your back, a few bucks in your wallet, smartphone, a vid cam, laptop and old car?


You are probably judgement proof and can do as you like more or less.


They wont get anything from you but practice. Especially if you work within what is generally accepted understandings of what fair use is and not intentionally breaking copyright for selling pirated items.


Many times the lawyers will go after cases just to try to extract blackmail money even though it would probably decided as 'fair use' in court. But who wants to go to court? So people pay small $$ to settle irritation cases.



...but I'm no lawyer.

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