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Looking for Angenieux viewfinder for Eclair NPR

Tristan Clarke-McMurchy

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Hi all,


I'm looking to purchase an orientable Angenieux viewfinder for the Eclair NPR.


I have the original Kinoptic viewfinder which is being laser brightened soon, but I would love to have an orientable vf in the kit.


Let me know if anyone has any leads!


Thank you,



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Hi Tristan,

I was looking at something completely unrelated and ran across your post and yes, we do have an orientable viewfinder here for the NPR. It is made by Cinema products and works differently than the Angenieux viewfinder in that you do have to manually erect the image after changing the eyepiece position but it works well and is in good shape.

Give us a call at Visual Products and we'll get you some pricing.


-Paul Scaglione

Senior Technician

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Hi Tristan,

I have an Angenieux viewfinder for the Eclair NPR, aesthetically it is in good condition for a piece of that time, but the image is at an angle of about 5 degrees. I have the theory that the camera fell from a tripod since my camera (the one that came with the finder) was a little bent too. I contacted a technician in LA and they told me Visual Products may be able to fix it. The viewfinder works, glass is clean and free of scratches and the image is there, just at an angle. It shouldn't be impossible to fix it. I have an orientable Cinema Products that work on the NPR too.

PM me if interested.



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Hi All,

 I see the lines lighting up on this subject again....

I had replied back to Tristan some time back that I had found an Angenieux orientable finder for the NPR here in really good condition but hadn't heard anything back so figured he had found something.

Anyhow, if anyone is interested I do have that one available as well as a Cinema Products orientable finder that fits the NPR that we would sell for less. It is also in good condition but requires more messing about to orient the image to horizon. Drop me an email directly to paul@visualproducts.com if you are interested and I'll get you some pricing.

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