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9K MAXI BRUTE as Stage performer background practical

Daniel O'Flaherty

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Hi everyone!

So I am doing a music video in a couple of days. 2 particular scenes I wanted to fill the background with Maxi Brute lights using them as practicals behind our band members (to resemble stage/star lighting). My location is a hotel and after speaking with the electricians there they have assured me they have enough power to run 2 of these lights off their main electrical room (the light is 3 phase and 62 amp I believe which has been giving the okay by the electricians at the hotel). I want these lights specifically to be used as practicals for when the band member walks on stage and we see these in frame lighting him from behind. Is there any other light that looks like the maxi brutes that I can use in the frame behind the performer? Or shall I continue down this route using these lights? Any suggestions would be appreciated or advice on these lights. Thanks!


(P.S. This is the look I was thinking of)


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One possibility is soft boxing a very bright source and running a black layer with circles cut out over it.

So then it's achievable with an LED or Kino or something. You just need to make sure the exposure is set in a way where your faux maxi looks super bright to both conceal your construction and get a similar affect a real brute would provide. Cinematographers might be able to tell but the average viewer will be clueless.

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Thanks, David & Max! I wasn't sure these units existed until you mentioned it David but will be sure to keep these in mind to get that great stage look the maxi brutes give as practicals on the next one. No hire company here did these alternatives you mentioned however I didn't have the budget for the maxi brutes in the end it turns out anyway.

Instead, I got hold of some rotating DJ lights and a few par cans to do the job and let off some haze. The maxi brutes would have been nice but I was very pleased with the final look this achieved; still gave the outlandish over the top star look that I wanted for the scene (Image below for reference...).

By the way David I listened to your podcast talk on Go Creative recently with Ben Consoli, was a great listen, fascinating stuff really enjoyed it can't wait to give it another listen! Also looking forward to seeing what this crazy shot is you have in store for us for season 3 aha.


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you would need to dim the brutes down considerably if wanting that look. or might use normal "blinders" dimmed down if you find suitable models.

On 3/11/2019 at 7:00 PM, Daniel O'Flaherty said:


Stage lighting guys always warned us to not keep standard Blinders continuously on because the bulbs would overheat and blow very quickly. some models may stand overheating better than others so you could ask a stage lighting rental place if they have lower wattage blinders which could be used for longer periods dimmed down without them overheating. there may be some LED options as well.

we always used tungsten blinders for low budget music videos for similar style effect because not having enough money to rent Brutes. worked well as long as having a person on the dimmer board to shut them down unless they were absolutely necessary and the camera was already rolling. I think they were dimmed down to something like 20% of the full power or something like that 🙂

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Thanks aapo! solid advice on the blinders will see if I can source them for next time if I have a problem obtaining LED fixture replica brutes or building them. 

Phil thanks for sharing the lightstar luxed! I'm sure this would be very hard to find in the UAE rental houses but will remember this as an option for future reference.

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