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First time doing a list of equipments to rent

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Hello everybody,

My first topic in this community. So, I am a editor and now studying cinematography.  I am going to rent some equipments to test. Going to rent a studio for two days for this tests. I am going to shot some packshots and kind of short commercials for Instagram. And use this footage to build my cinematography portfolio. This my first test will be with a Canon C300 Mark II. My doubt is:  What lens, ligth, equipments should I rent? I have a small budget. So far this is my list:

Canon C300 Mark II

4 Arri 650 plus

Monitor Panasonic BTLH 1760

Follow Focus


Any suggestions? This is my first time making a list of  equipments. So any help will be welcome.

Thanks a lot,

Fernando Alves

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If your doing pack shots - longer lenses work best. Something in the 85 to135mm range works for me.

You might not need the follow focus - if your not pulling focus on shot

Would probably need some softer lighting - either soft sources or lighting modifiers to make the Arri Frensels soft: e.g poly board or reflector, couple of flags, couple of C-Stands, maybe a dimmer...

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