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Looking for some info.

Stuart Brereton

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A friend of mine has recently inherited some Super 8 equipment, and not being a filmmaker, wants to find it a good home. 

The camera is a GAF 735 Super 8. It’s in very good cosmetic shape. Hasn’t been used in about 20 years, but it appears to run ok at 18, 24 & 32 FPS. Optics are clear, and the zoom works smoothly.

There’s a Eumig projector as well, but I don’t have details of that at the moment.

Any ideas on what it might be worth?

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The camera is run-of-the-mill and likely to be suffering from age as all Super-8 cameras now are- there are nylon or rubber parts waiting to fail. There isn't a completed listing on ebay.com for a GAF over $25.

Eumig made good projectors but went out ot business in 1982 so it is also of some age. If it's silent I wouldn't expect more than £50/$75.

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