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Is it true that the UMP4.6K G2 can't do backup recording?

Michael Hammond

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I'm currently testing out the UMP 4.6K G2 and it looks like I can only record to one CF card or one SD card at a time. No backup, no mirrored recording. 

And I'm also reading (haven't had a chance to test it myself yet) that if recording to a CF card I can't also record to something like an Atomos via the 12g SDI?

Are these things correct? I feel like I don't get a clearly concise answer anywhere but I'm not looking hard enough?

I'm loving the picture quality of this camera but in a professional setting I need backup recordings to cover my butt should something go wrong with an in-camera card. 

If I can't have backup recording in this camera I'll probably go to the C300mk2 whose image I don't like nearly as much as the UMP.

Thanks for any input on this!

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Thanks Oliver - this is the conclusion I've come to myself since I posted the question. I've added a Atomos recorder to the camera as back-up. I do believe this is a significant design flaw and I know a lot of people are asking BM to update the cameras to allow dual slot recording if nothing else. 

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