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Ergorig with Undersling vs Easyrig Stabil

Heath Orchard

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Hi everyone.

I'm looking to purchase one of these before the end of the year and am curious to hear people's thoughts. I have lots of experience with the easy rig and use one on almost every shoot. However I have not used the new Stabil attachment yet. They seem to be marketing it for gimbal use but from what I can tell it seems like it would be hugely beneficial for general hand held use and finally let you get good walking shots with the easy rig. But the easy rig with the stabil attachment is quite expensive and still seems far from perfect. Enter the new and exciting Ergorig with it's slim form factor and reasonable price. I haven't had a chance to use one of these yet but I'm very interested. The catch for me is I shoot underslung a lot and the new Undersling attachment doesn't jump out to me as the perfect solution. But I haven't tried it so really have no idea. Does anyone here have experience with one or the other or even both? Thanks in advance for your responses. 


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Hi Heath, I'm guessing you've made your decision by now as it's been quite a while since you posted this.  Anyway my two cents:  I chose the Ergorig to pair with an Amira for documentary shooting while traveling.  It's definitely much easier to pack into a suitcase (dismantled) and put gear/clothes around it.  It can take a beating and you don't have to baby it at all given that there are no moving parts - no Pelican case required either.  The Undersling attachment is...interesting.  I'm not sold on it if I'm being honest - the cord creates it's own type of movement/bounce/weirdness and the device used to attach it to the top handle of the camera seems unnecessarily heavy and overengineered.  It also stretches - a LOT - when used with a large camera.  So you can't just let go of the camera to let it hang and rest your arms or take a few seconds to release the camera to grab something else, hit an elevator button, etc.  It can technically tolerate the weight, but it doesn't feel good to me.  I would've much preferred a different undersling cord setup that wraps around the top handle of my camera and loops back up to the undersling attachment point on the Ergorig where it can be fastened.  That would remove the need for this heavy, weird contraption used to attach the undersling to the camera I would think.  The core Ergorig is an excellent option though.

Ergorig Amira.jp2

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