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New reel for 2019

Vital Butinar

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Hi guys!
Here's my new reel. I directed and produced all of these project with the help of my trusted team of course. A few of the shots I shot myself but most of them were made by my girlfriend who's a really great DP.
There are some dance videos, music video, a couple smaller commercials and promotional videos and a few films. Nothing major but like I always say we started ourselves from nothing and are slowly growing our projects in budget and size.
We usually work together to come up with the concepts of the stuff we shoot but I or my girlfriend's sister write the screenplay and then I work with my girlfriend to make the shot list and the shooting schedule. The editing and color grading is usually done by my girlfriend and some by myself. She also dose most of the sound design. But any graphics or compositing is done by me and the art for the projects and the titles are done by myself.

Best regards



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1 hour ago, Bob Speziale said:

Very well done. Looks professional. Just curious, what cameras and lenses are you using? Great cinematography.

Thank you very much.

The oldest footage was shot with a Nikon D7100 and vintage Tamaron lenses. Our first device that we could shoot stuff with.
Then there was some footage in there that was some stuff in there that was shot on the Canon 100 and Canon EF lenses.
But the newest stuff was shot on the Blackmagic Pocket 4K and Samyang/Rokinon EF cine lenses and a couple Canon EF tele lenses.

Like I said most of the shots were done by my girlfriend who is the cinematographer on our projects but the shots were designed by myself.
I do however shoot sometimes but it really takes me a lot more planning before I get the shot that I want. Where she just points and the shots look awesome. 

I really love the BM Pocket 4K. It gives really nice images that can be graded well. 

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