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Ready Player One - How to achieve this shot

Daniel O'Flaherty

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Hi people,

Would very much appreciate if anyone could shed some light on how this shot was achieved (in production and in post production). I can see its on a periscope camera lens for this shot, but is this just because they are shooting on a large film camera? Could this be achieved without the periscope if say using an alexa mini? If so what type of lens is ideal for this? And I assume the point of view digital tunnel is added in post with rotoscoping around the interior of the goggles first before coming in to full screen. If this is indeed the case can anyone tell me what they are raising in front of the actors face as the camera turns in the second picture? Thanks so much.

Please find the clip from the movie (Timecode 00:25-00:32)...

Also please find the link to the video showing the BTS (Timecode 00:42-00:45)...




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It looks like a Frazier lens system on a regular Super-35 camera (probably, you can’t see the camera in that BTS shot). So it could be used on an Alexa. They are just lifting a handheld LED light for the eyes. See:



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