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Connecting an analog Microforce to a tripod handle

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I came into possession of an analog microforce v+f when I purchased my XTR Prod a few months back. The unit didn't come with the articulating arm or the rock n' roller to attach the microforce to a tripod arm and I'm not currently willing to spend $1500 for those parts on something I wouldn't be able to collect much on rentals for within my kit. The unit does have a small dovetail plate on it though which made me wonder if there is an alternative way that I can connect it but I haven't had much luck in figuring out what that part would be. I've attached a photo and if anyone has any thoughts or ideas to DIY a solution, I'd be incredibly grateful! 

IMG_7746 copy.jpg

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It fits to a pan handle extension like this:


I don't know if it was a Preston product, or O'Connor or maybe Panavision. Not sure how you could DIY something similar.

There are various brackets around for Microforces to attach to pan handles or rosettes by Wooden Camera or Shape, most popular is the Oppenheimer one I think.

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