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Braun Macro MZ 864 - Manual exposure question

Sophie Wright

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Hi everyone. 

I just bought a Braun Macro MZ 864 and I'm having problems working out how to control the exposure. I have put new batteries in for everything and while the motor runs fine, the light meter doesn't seem to work. Usually I shoot with an external light meter anyway so was hoping to do it this time too. But I can't for the life of me figure out how I can adjust or set aperture/shutter-speed on this camera. Does anyone out there know? Or have the manual? 

Any help would be much, much appreciated!



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Hi, the aperture control is the knob on the left side of the camera which is marked AUTO and MANUAL to the right of the knob. As you rotate this knob from the AUTO position to clockwise, the exposure/aperture needle in the viewfinder will move to the setting you set it at. Of course...this camera requires separate batteries for the Light Meter to work in either Auto or Manual mode.  This camera was built for Braun by Cosina [virtually same as Argus-Cosina, which had Chinon in Japan built them] . Hopefully the meter's movement will work otherwise you'll be very limited in using the camera.

   There isn't a shutter speed setting other than the running speeds of 18fps, 24fps and Slow Motion via the push button (about 40fps).  The knob for adjustment is on the right side of the camera and is marked clearly with 18 and 24 settings.

lt also has the built in daylight #85 conversion filter for shooting Tungsten film in daylight,  cable release sockets for Single Frame and Continuous Run etc.  You might be able to find more information and/or an instruction manual online somewhere.

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