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Lite Mat 4 vs Kino Flow Diva21 LED

Shawn Sagady

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Looking for anyone who has had a chance to work with these lights. They both seem really solid panel lights, each with different things going for it. 

just based on reviews and brochure the main takeaway seems like...

LiteMatt 4 S2:

- bit brighter. 
- larger surface area. 
- Lighter and easier to work with.

Kino Flo Diva 21 LED

- Not just High CRI bi color but comes with a host of color options as well, including preprogrammed gel references. 
- Sturdier at the expense of weight. 
- Has FX system to do things like fire light and lightning easily.

Both are roughly the same price as kits.

My usage is primarily to have a couple solid lights to cover me on small and low budget projects, interviews and such. Would rent to expand for larger narrative work.  I do own some smaller single panels as well though they are not amazing  budget options from long ago. 

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While I hear the Kinos have some of the best color reproduction of any LED on the market (please correct me if I'm wrong), I find Litemats to be indispensably versatile, especially the S2s. And that said, their color reproduction is also excellent (their tungsten LEDs are some of the absolute best on the market).

 The S2s aren't the brightest (especially compared to the Plus / Spectrum lines), but they make up for that in the quality of light that comes out of them. If you're working fast, it's hard to beat a light that you don't necessarily have to add modifiers to. Add an eggcrate to it and you have a seriously fast, killer light for both stand-mounting and rigging. I've never had an issue with my S2 2L's build quality, though I was admittedly very nervous about it when I first got it - you don't really have to baby them at all.

Also to note: the Litemats have a few effects built in like flashbulb, fire, etc. though I believe not as many as the Kinos. 

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Thanks Taylor!

Thats very helpful of course.  I’m actually thinking I might save the kinos for rentals, and while the litemats are beautiful they are still damn pricey.   

Soonwell has a flexible led mat product that while not quite up to par with litemat for CRI and features provide a really decent light that is super light and stick anywhere.  Also 1/3 the cost and more light per sqrfoot. Going to pick up a couple 2x1 and a 2x2 for the cost of the litemat or the kino and have a good basic kit that travels easily for interviews and shorts etc. rent to expand when needed like everyone else. 

probably also grab one of those new fangled LES fresnels just so I have a hard source when I need it.  

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I'm 100% with Adrian here. Low cost LEDs give out one way or another. Quality electronics are necessary for a quality LED light source for film. You could run into flicker and you will definitely run into poor color reproduction. 

For my money, Litemat is worth every cent. 

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On 3/17/2020 at 12:38 PM, Taylor Russ said:

Litemats have a few effects built in like flashbulb, fire, etc. though I believe not as many as the Kinos. 

Heres my assessment 

Kinoflo Diva 21 will have more throw and output but will look harder. They're different tools and if had both you'd use them both. Litemats do not have any pre-built effects or DMX or color, that's why as a first light purchase I'd suggest the Kinoflo by a narrow margin.

If you go for a Litemat however, unless you have a good discount, try avoiding the S2 because you'll be disappointed by its output in any situation other than interior nights. Do get the dop choice snapgrid with it, because the plastic grid on Litemats is heavy and not the best optically.

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