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It depends. I'm trained in architecture originally, so I find tools that the production designers use like Vectorworks or Sketchup are really powerful. Good old Autocad is great too if all you're doing is just drafting. I'd give the edge to Vectorworks, even though its expensive, because The Spotlight version of it comes with a built in library of entertainment gear and is designed for people in our industry. Trusses, lighting, rigging, etc. all come with the software. You can also do quick previs studies with camera placement, and the built-in renderer can show you physically accurate lighting. All this in addition to just being able to spit out sheets and drawings.

These days a lot of programs do more than just one thing. Even full Autocad can do 3D even though its cumbersome and wonky to use.

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On 3/20/2020 at 10:05 PM, Jon-André Hakvåg said:

Hello everyone!

As jobs get bigger, the need for a floorplan software gets bigger.

What kind of software are you using? And on which platform are you working?

Hi Jon-André, 

I use Shot Designer on iOS and OSX:


Really good, quick and easy to master. 

There is also another one that I've heard of and that might be more up your alley:
Lighting Designer


Have a lovely day.

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