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101 Question, More FC when using Spot to bounce light is technically wrong?

Sam Bignell

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Hey All

This is a pretty simple 101 question

(Fake Example) I have a 800w Light beside me, When I point it at the ceeling in flood I get 34fc in bounce output, When I put it in full spot I should still get Roughly 34fc? given the spot is in generally the same place above where I'm measuring give or take some FC variables and such but it's the same amount of light output it's now just spotted into one area rarther than the whole ceeling?

Is that technically how it's suppose to be?

So a 800w light in full flood could output 48fc at the center of it's beam at a very large Beam Diameter of 17ft but in full spot 888fc in the center at a beam diameter of 2ft

It's the same output of light I.E 800w at Full flood & Full Spot it's just in flood it's a much larger surface area it's covering, Spotting the light just pushes all the light into a tighter spot given the reflector is consistant etc etc

Because I have a old Light beside me an 800w Openface ARRLITE, and it always outputs half a stop more light into my room when in Full Spot than full flood point at the ceeling, No matter it's angle or position at the ceeling it always outputs more light into the room, It's simply brighter in spot then in flood even when bouncing, but this is technically wrong right or not a disiarable effect or discrepency? Something is odd about the reflector just not a great design etc etc?

Just curious!




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