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need oddball scrims

JB Earl

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Is this a pole operated studio fixture? 

Probably not breaking news, but the Harry Box book lists the globe#, scrim size and other most fixtures, old and modern.

If your measurements are correct, Matthews could probably make you a set.

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I forgot I sent this on the truck just in case so I got a picture.

I forgot I sent these on the truck just in case so I got a picture.

These are not a pole op fixture, but I think they come that way also because they are studio sized

IYou can see the bright wheels that the barn door ring rotates in

I should check the Box book either way, but I don’t see anywhere that a standard size scrim can fit -13 inches definitely wider than the slots behind the “wheels”


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On 7/15/2020 at 4:41 PM, JD Hartman said:

13.25" , are you certain?  13 and 13-1/2 are typical sizes.  Which model Strand or QuartzColor?  Scrims should be the same diameter as the barndoors.

My calculator messed up 325mm-12.75" approx.  I'd confirm diameter in inches and give MSE a call.

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