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Achieving this shot?


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Hi again everyone. I'm trying to recreate this look in the image provided below. Its's only this 1 shot needed. How do you reckon they did this and what lens do you think it was on? (reference image is at 1:26 minute: 


I have done my own test using my directors viewfinder app (red helium 8k lens on a 32mm Master Prime). Using a DOF calculator I recorded the following info: 




*NOTE: These results are all factored off an F16 F-stop (results will vary if we have to open up obviously but I hope this gives everyone an idea).


·        32mm lens

-          14 cm from back of box is where focus will start (this area is OUT of focus)

-          51 cm in distance from the red tape measurer to the bottle centre of (this is all IN focus)

-          35 cm from bottle to the camera lens is out of focus (35cm is the close focus distance of the lens – and this area is OUT of focus)

-          ***27cm height will be seen at the back of box – so it is important the height is higher than this so we don’t see the top layer of the box / roof (30cm is acceptable but you can go a bit higher if you want)



Do these results look accurate to you? Also im relying on that 51cm to be in clear focus and will have to light this pretty damn brightly to get there. Any thoughts on this. Thanks.

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My first reaction was 28mm. The lens looks to be between 24 and 32. I think you're on the right track.

The f-stop in the video was not that deep. It might have been at a f4 or f5.6 and the operator rack focuses during that run. If you show up with enough light to hit f16, then I think you're pretty well covered IMHO.

A note. If you're shooting at night, is it possible to get a camera with higher ISO range? The FX9 has dual native ISO of 800/4000, Varicam 35 is 800/5000. Running a higher ISO will give more sensitivity to stop down if you're worried about enough light for DOF.

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Hi Stephen!

Yes I think you are right, my test shot I did is on Red Helium 8K FF, instead of Red Helium 4K FF (@120 FPS). Going by the crop ratio that would mean my 32mm test will actually need to be a 25mm! This is great as the wider focal length should help with the wider DOF. Perhaps F11 even F8 is a possibility now aha.

I’ll be in a studio and the rudest in a dark box with only the light coming from the top. I really wanted a dual native ISO cinema camera it’s just rentals here in the UAE it’s harder to come by. Red Gemeni was first one my mind but it looks like it will have to be the Red Helium.

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