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3-Perf Arri 35-III with nice extras!

Duncan OBryan

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Only dreaming of selling this because I recently got a 3-perf Moviecam Compact. Consolidating my equipment (Helium -> Komodo and sadly letting go of this beauty). 

Camera has been a workhorse and of course makes beautiful pictures. I have shot a handful of commercial and narrative projects on it with great results, and being one fo the few 12v cameras out there has it's perks! This is the most current iteration of the 35-3, with the bolted in PL mount and washboard gate, and the mad scientists at either Clairmont or Panavision added that glorious 3-perforation movement. (body and aks are covered in Panavision engravings...) 

The awesome techs at Koerner Camera Systems function checked it and gave it the thumbs up. At the same time the mags were all tested and had their clutch tension reset. I have personally run it between 4 and 48fps and it runs as sweet as can be.

I have added some nice upgrades since purchase. It's got a Jurgen's handheld video tap door and comes with both the Arri standard and Kish wide angle eyepieces. I also bought three 400' Arrimags, which are a huge quality of life upgrade. It still comes with the original mags. 


Would like to get $8000 but open to offers. 


Arri 35-3 w/ 3 perf movement, PL mount

Cinematography Electronics crystal hi speed flat base controller 


Four 400' and two 1000' old style mags

Eyepiece extension

Arri eyepiece

Kish eyepiece

Jurgen's handheld video door w/ CCI color video tap

Arri standard door 

15mm studio baseplate

Top handle

XLR to D tap cable

(if you want it: V mount cheeseplate to attach battery)

Various 4 pin XLR power cables and other bits & bobs

Arri 353 book

Innerspace cases for body and mags











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