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Philippe Piron

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These are VINTAGE, VERY RARE filters, made in the 70's and 80's, MINT CONDITIONS
Color Polarizers, aka "VARICOLOR" FILTERS were used on very special pictures, such as "Planet of Apes" (DOP: Philippe Rousselot, ASC,AFC) 
I have had these for ages, and used it on very special occasions, and  people from all over the world were hiring them, because simply these do NOT exist anymore, and NO OTHER filters manufacturers ever made them again ..
They are gel filters sandwiched between two optical clear glasses.
Colour combinations are: Yellow-Red, Yellow-Blue, Yellow-Green, Red-Green, Red-Blue
The effect is even stronger is used in combination with a polarizer filter
I have two sets:
1 set sized 4"x4"
1 set sized 6"x6", NOT 6.6"x6.6" ...
BUT ... I do deliver as well two filter reduction trays 6.6"x6.6" to 6"x6"
you could also have them laser-cut (like at "The Filter Gallery" in the USA), and put them into rotating frames (aka polaframes), sized 138mm Rd... 
4"x4" filter set is sold € 2250
6"x6" filter set is sold € 2850
not including shipping charges
please contact me: realtoreel@skynet.be

s-l1600 (5).jpg

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